The king of vibrators

veedee 2

Are you run down? If so, why remain so?

Your whole system can he revitalised by using the


the recognised “King” of Vibrators.

Massage by vibration is used throughout the world by leading medical men.

It has cured thousands of  Rheumatism, Gout, Lumbago, Sciatica, Deafness, Debility, Neuritis, Neurasthenia, Catarrh, Liver and Kidney Troubles, and will cure you.

Priced at a mind-boggling 70 shillings (a family home could be rented for 16 shillings a week), the above advertisement ran in the Sunday Times in October 1915.

The Veedee adjustable mechanical vibrator did not use electricity to power the heads, but was hand cranked instead.

However, the vibrator was the fifth home appliance to be electrified. After the sewing machine paved the way in 1889, the fan, kettle, toaster, and vibrator quickly followed. The vibrator beat the vacuum cleaner and iron by about a decade.

If you want one of the hand cranked type, in 1915 the ‘Veedee Institute’ was located above the Bank of Australasia at 68 St Georges Terrace.

Hurry before they’re all gone.