50 shades of grey squirrel


This episode of Dodgy Perth is strictly for our lady readers. And those few gentlemen who happen to own a grey squirrel fur muff.

It’s really annoying, isn’t it, to buy an expensive fur muff in 1916, only to find that by the following year grey is out, and only sapphire blue velvet is acceptable.

Happens to us in the Dodgy Perth offices all the time.

But we know that our feminine readers are too wise and thrifty simply to dispose of their muffs. So what is to be done?

Fear not. It turns out that squirrels are recyclable.

You just need to muster enough courage to take a pair of scissors to your unfashionable fur items and, bingo, they become a delightful grey trim which will show up effectively on a sapphire blue muff.

Go on. Get to it.