Can you handle the truth?

We are going to need a lot more of these soon

We are going to need a lot more of these soon

In a dark alley, just near Perth Station, Dodgy Perth researchers were slipped a top secret copy of Western Australia’s own Project Blue Book. Our Deep Throats (get your mind out of the gutter and learn some history!) need to remain anonymous for their own well-being, so we will use code names and refer to them only by their initials, S., R. & O.

Over the coming weeks we will be exposing some of the sensational evidence that aliens have repeatedly visited Western Australia. First contact can only be hours away.

But, as a teaser, today Dodgy Perth is privileged to offer the first chance the world has had to see hard-core confirmation of ET and his quest for a reasonably priced coffee in Perth.

Just look at the amazing life-like sketches presented here. It’s almost as if they were photographs. If these don’t silence the sceptics, we don’t know what will.

All of them are taken from the WA Blue Book, all mid-1970s, and often made into a Stat Dec by a local JP. The Truth is out there, sheeples, and we can no longer ignore these sworn testimonies.*

Whether lizard, squid, or tribble, we at Dodgy Perth welcome our new overlords.



UFO_3*Note we have pixilated the names on these documents for the protection of the innocent against evil corporations and Colin Barnett.