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One member of the redheaded league

Gentlemen prefer blondes, but they marry brunettes. Quite what they do with redheads is unclear. But in a world exclusive, Dodgy Perth can reveal the upside to dating a bluey. They won’t leave you. Ever.

In keeping with the high standards of journalism of the day, in 1938 The Mirror posed questions of world importance:

Is the colour of a man’s hair any guide to his faithfulness as a husband? Would Perth girls prefer to marry red-headed men rather than dark or fair men? And are red-headed women as faithful as red-haired men?

For answers, they turned to a well-known city divorce lawyer:

I suppose I can say that during the 30-odd years I have been in and out of the divorce court, I only remember one redheaded man being sued for divorce. His trouble was not unfaithfulness, but drink. I can’t recall any others.

And what about the fair sex?

I can’t say the same for them. I’ve seen quite a number of red-haired women in the divorce court. Strangely enough, too, they’re usually fine lookers. But, for the number there are, a good percentage of them seem to find it hard to stick to their husbands.

Oh dear. But please go on, Mr lawyer.

In Kalgoorlie was a barmaid at one of the hotels who was everyone’s sweetheart and nobody’s bride. She was co-re in more divorce cases than anyone else I know.

So there you are. So, before you go out on a second date, make sure his hair is red. And before you marry, make sure her’s isn’t.


Beautiful, but unfaithful. Allegedly.