Last night a DJ ruined my life

Mrs E. Halliday and her wireless, 1950

Mrs E. Halliday and her wireless, 1950

Everybody has one friend who “can’t bear to listen to commercial radio”, and who praises JJJ.

The same friend will also tell you all modern music is rubbish.

I. Can’t. Even.

Anyway, in Dodgy Perth HQ we are unashamed to have 94.5 FM blaring away as our crack team of researchers finds ever more stories from the past to entertain you.

Today: What did people think of commercial radio in 1949?

Not a lot, if we are to believe the Westralian Worker, who listed seven specific harms of listening to such stations.

Channels such as 94.5 and 92.9 have:

  • Destroyed silence and the ability to create our own amusements.
  • Played music only fitted to an “asylum for cultural perverts”.
  • Bombarded us with adverts which are disgusting and impudent.
  • Ruined family life by removing the need for conversation and let DJs into the family circle, a type of person who would normally never get past the front door.
  • Turned the whole country into noise hungry robots.
  • Lowered standards of music, literature and drama.
  • Hampered education by encouraging mediocrity, inaccuracy and sensation.

Okay. We get it. Back to JJJ for us then.