Audrey Jacob Committed


The inquest into the death of Cyril Gidley, engineer on the State motor ship Kangaroo, who was shot dead at Government House Ballroom early on the morning of August 27, 1925, by Audrey Campbell Jacob, art student, to whom he had been engaged, was concluded today by the Coroner, who committed Jacob for trial on a charge of wilful murder.

The Crown Prosecutor stated before the resumption of the case, that he could refute the evidence of Mr and Mrs Jacob, insinuating that the accused had been seduced by Gidley, and that he had been the cause of the separation of accused’s parents. The Court records showed that the cause of the separation was an order of the Fremantle Court on account of the husband’s cruelty.

Mr. A. G. Haynes, counsel for the accused, said the separation was due to Gidley’s insidious propaganda, which he could prove.

The Coroner said he did not wish to hear further evidence.


  1. Excellent article. Are you sure this is the correct photo of Audrey Jacob? It doesn’t seem to match with the photos in the 1925 papers. Have you any information on the actual trial (not the inquest) of Audrey Jacob? As I am writing a story about her, I would like to see Arthur Haynes’ actual case for the defence.
    Thanks for the article from


    1. Margaret. I am relying on the State Library for the identification of Audrey’s picture. But otherwise, hold on tight… because she is meant to be part of a series at Dodgy Perth that I will find the time to write in the next couple of weeks.


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