Bacchus and the pony girls


Probably hunkier than the hero of our story, but we love this picture

You know what it’s like. Getting back from the pub on a Friday night, you turn on SBS for one of their sexy shows like ‘Sydney Lesbian Strippers’ or ‘Ladyboys’ or ‘Inside the Dungeon’.

But what did Western Suburbs residents do before SBS gave us such intelligent programming? Turns out they used to gather outside the windows of orgies and settle in for a night’s entertainment.

In 1936 the neighbours would wait until a supply of bottles arrived. These would be followed by a number of professional young women. Then the evening of free entertainment would start.

In the middle of this Western Suburbs’ lounge room stood a well-known society gentleman dressed as Bacchus. In his hand was a bottle of wine. Round him circled half a dozen girls, each of them also armed with a bottle of wine, and each in various state of undress. As they passed, each girl sprinkled him with wine and he graciously sprinkles them in return.

Sometimes Bacchus would play leapfrog with the girls. Or have them lie side by side on the floor while he athletically leapt over them again and again.

But the best nights were when all of them were completely nude. Then Bacchus could be seen armed with a toy whip, driving his team of girls round and round the room. The fair sex on all fours, doing their best attempts to impersonate the chariot horses of ancient Rome.

Many other things were seen by the neighbours, but Dodgy Perth is a family publication. So if you weren’t there, you’ll just have to use your imagination.