The weed of madness


In the late 1940s, Reefer Madness once again took hold of Perth’s media.

The dreaded marijuana was running rampant throughout all levels of society.

As is well known, even trying marijuana once leads to murder, suicide, murder-suicide, rape, hallucinations, hallucinations about murder and rape, and eventual but certain descent into insanity.

Worse still, “the weed of madness” was leading to wild out-of-control parties in Perth. We assume that Dodgy Perth’s invite is in the mail.

As usual, Yankee sailors were mostly to blame for corrupting the innocent youth of Western Australia. And—as was the pattern in the States—most especially feared was the drug-pushing American Negro.

These scum would ply girls of a tender age with a single reefer containing the “evil sex drug”. Just one toke would see a previously chaste young lady start to behave in an outrageous fashion and be prepared to sleep with anyone.

Quite often, the poor victim of marijuana would not even remember what she had done the previous night.

It is time that police action was taken to stamp out the drug responsible for the most inhuman crimes in history.

It is a drug which is reducing our decent boys and girls to savages.

It is inconceivable that the media was exaggerating the effects of a single toke of grass. Inconceivable, I tell you.

Won’t somebody think of the children?