All of the dramas


This is the famous English music hall singer, Marie Lloyd. She has nothing to do with this story, but I quite like the picture.

Dramatis personae

Priscilla Verne: serio-comic singer, with a lusty singing voice, sparkling personality, golden hair and a shapely form

Gus McBride: civil servant, variety show patron, front row seat occupier

Alice Chalmers: Miss Verne’s nom de guerre

George A. Jones: co-manager of the Olde Englishe Fayre, co-conspirator with Miss Verne

George B. Lawrence: co-manager of the Fayre, co-conspirator

Mrs Jones: lady with no first name, wife of George A., co-conspirator

Madge Stackpole: mezzo-soprano singer, apparently talented, co-conspirator

A Malacca cane: pliable weapon, first concealed in a parasol, subsequently in Miss Verne’s dress

PC Bailey: witness to the assault, apparently sympathised with Miss Verne

Chorus: 200 to 300 onlookers, none of whom apparently wished to assist Mr McBride

Scene 1


His Majesty’s Theatre (1904) now stands on the spot where the Olde English Fayre ran in 1896.

Scene 2


Directly in front of the Legislative Assembly Chambers, at the eastern end of Perth Town Hall. The time is 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Scene 3


Bon Marché Arcade, where the appearance of two police officers caused Miss Verne and her entourage to cease attacking Mr McBride.

The outcome

The thrashing administered by Miss Priscilla Verne to Mr Gus McBride yesterday was the talk of the town today. McBride yesterday declared his intention of proceeding against Miss Verne for assault, but now it is believed he has changed his mind, his friends advising him that the best course is to let the matter drop.