“Low class individuals, gamblers, and the usual motley crew”

Gambling Hells Unmolested by Authorities

Police Look On While Game Proceeds

For a long time past people have been wondering why certain inoffensive Chinese and small-time shilling poker and nap schools have been diligently raided, submitted to the indignity of arrest and subsequent prosecution, whilst large scale gambling hells and dens of iniquity and vice have so far enjoyed virtual freedom from the attentions of the police.

It has been long a matter of common knowledge that there are certain people in the metropolis who have, to the surprise of most people, been able to conduct illegal enterprises without receiving official visits from the police. Needless to say, this fact has resulted in a large patronage from those who like to give their money ‘a fly’ in comparative safety.

Of course, the small-fry do not get a moment’s consideration. If a threepenny game of poker is being played in a secluded paddock or backyard, all the forces of the law are pressed into action to suppress such a terrific offence.

But how do the big-time places fare?

There is a glaring case supplied by the present existing fashionable resort of all the low class individuals, spielers, gamblers, confidence men and the usual motley crew of ‘hangers-on’ that are found at such places.

We refer to ‘Perth’s Monte Carlo.’

It is situated at Tranby Buildings at the corner of King and Wellington streets, and entrance is obtained through the door of Room No. 10 on the first floor.

Inside, the principal equipment is a long table around which the gamblers seat themselves and. In turn, the players are handed a box and three dice with ‘H’ and ‘T’ on them. The game is the good old one of Heads and Tails.

It is merely a game of two-up with dice substituted for pennies.

Seated at the middle of the table is one of the proprietors who supervises the game and rakes in the dice with a stick with a crook handle As a matter of fact, there is at times a crook at each end of the stick.

On the wall is a notice as follows: H. and T. Club Rule No. 1: One out all out. Please do not shout.

This place has been in full swing for about three months now, and there’s not a ‘sport’ who hasn’t known of its existence and location ever since it started.

The profits of the proprietors are immense, so large in fact is the rake-off that the persistent player must in the long run be a heavy loser. The place is run on business lines with a vengeance.

Although they assure the players that ‘there is no danger of a raid,’ precautions are nevertheless taken There is an inner door and an outer door at the entrance, so that when you enter the first door at No. 10 you still have to be O.K.’d to get through the next door.

Is it pertinent to ask whether this den is still to be tolerated, while the small fry are hunted off the map? Is there to be one law for the big operators and another for the small town parties? Or are the police blind to the existence of this well-known joint?

Officially it may be argued that the police are not aware of the existence of these concerns.

Individually, however, to our knowledge many members of the force are acquainted with the facts. What everyone is now wondering is when the police authorities will wake up officially.

If gambling is to be suppressed let everybody be treated alike.