Let’s get it on in public

peepingtom-1We in the Dodgy Perth office are led to believe that some couples like to (ahem) take it outside every now and again. Presumably less popular in the winter months, though.

The best locations for alfresco luvin’ were identified in 1950, when a journalist decided to investigate Perth’s parks frequented by couples. Only in order, though, to check out the perverts who spied on them.

Presumably, hacks from The Mirror who hang around parks at night are exempted from the pervert category.

Let’s start with Weld Square, just off Beaufort Street. A well-lit area, there were two men who first sat looking from the benches, before flitting from tree to tree to peep on the courting pairs. (Dodgy Perth awards three out of five stars to Weld Square)

We cannot recommend Russell Square, in Northbridge, though. It is usually frequented by ‘plonk’ drinkers, and so is unattractive as a rendezvous. (Zero stars)

Hyde Park was very popular with both lovers and Peeping Toms. All the perverts had to do was wait and as soon as the couple was engrossed in lovemaking, take up a vantage point. Thanks to the plantings there, it was possible to get a really close-up viewpoint. (Five out of five stars)

A warning though. Sometimes the Peeping Toms take advantage of the duo being distracted, and creep up and steal her handbag. Being too embarrassed to explain what they were up to, these thefts were never reported to the police.

But the worst place for Peeping Toms is on grass by the river on Riverside Drive. The sheer number of weirdos there made it almost impossible to enjoy an outdoor experience. (Negative one star)

In 1950, a married couple were “sitting quietly” (yeah, right) by the river when the husband noticed a man crawling on all fours towards them. A fight broke out, with the pervert coming out very much second best.

So, Dodgy Perth has made our recommendations. We leave it to our readers to decide where and when they would like to ‘go outside’.

The following video is very NSFW. You have been warned.

The right sort of pervert

Bathing beach, 1920s

You know how it is. Down at Como Beach in South Perth and the only place to change into your swimming togs is in the back of the car.

Well, in 1938 young women were doing so with only the benefit of a towel or two covering the car window.

The Mirror was suitably shocked. Well, sort of shocked. But more a little bit creepy.

Noting that young girls were often undressed on the beach, our journalist made the astounding observation that perhaps young ladies had not grown out of this habit of appearing nude in front of young men.

But while young men would be embarrassed to stare at a naked child, they would not be so coy about a fully developed female body.

And this is where our journalist becomes a little odd. He declares that it is not his intention to be a spoilsport, or to restrict the liberty of girls to change where they like.

After all, those males who get a “spicy delight” from walking up and down past the cars hoping to catch the female form should not be denied their right to do so.

But unfortunately, every now and again someone ruins the party by committing sexual assault.

So, it is up to the girls to make sure that they are not seen by perverts. Only the decent sort of peeping tom is allowed that privilege.

This article is a rewrite of an earlier Dodgy Perth post. You could go and find the older piece, but you shouldn’t really be looking between the towels.

Developing bad habits


Typical convent schoolgirls

At a well-known Perth convent school in 1944, one of the nuns noticed her spare habit was missing. She looked for it, and assumed it was accidentally mislaid and would turn up eventually.

And turn up it certainly did. But not in the way she was expecting.

That night, as the girls were preparing for bed, they were surprised to see a nun standing motionless at one end of the dormitory. It was unusual for nuns to be there at that time, so a couple of older girls approached her to find out what she wanted.

Although the light was dim, as they approached they noticed the face under the head dress sported a decent growth of stubble. Being clever students, this led them to conclude the ‘nun’ was probably not a member of staff.

As the girls started screaming, the fake nun gathered her skirts about her, and flew down the corridor at top speed. Despite a thorough search of the area, no trace of the intruder could be found.

Apart from the scare, none of the girls were harmed, and the ‘nun’ was caught too soon to have a chance to be a real Peeping Tom.

Even so, the police announced they would like a little chat with the individual concerned, should he ever show his stubbly face again.

Park petters and peeping perverts

In 1950, the Mirror undertook a special investigation into the parks frequented by couples, and the perverts who spied on them. (Presumably, the reporter exempted themselves from this latter category!)

At Weld Square, a well lighted area off Beaufort Street, two men sat on nearby seats and later flitted from tree to tree to peep on courting couples.

Russell Square, at West Perth, is not so popular with couples. It is usually frequented by ‘plonk’ drinkers and the type of habitués there is such that it does not induce courting couples to make it a rendezvous.

But Hyde Park is a place where a lot of peering is done. Men wait and watch and when they see a couple engrossed in lovemaking, take up a vantage point and do their best to see, at close quarters, just what is going on.

In some cases, the ‘Peeping Toms’ have been known to creep up and steal the female’s handbag while the couple are too engrossed to be aware of what is going on. And as the couples are, in the majority of cases, too embarrassed to make a complaint, no report reaches the police.

The worst place for the ‘Peeping Toms’ at present is on the grassed area on the river front on Riverside Drive. Numerous cases of men creeping up on recumbent couples are reported from there.

One night this week a man and wife were sitting quietly there when the husband noticed a man crawling up on them. Result was a bout of fisticuffs, with the ‘Peeping Tom’ rushing madly from the locality.

The police are practically powerless to deal with this type of pervert because few couples who have had such experiences feel like facing the resultant publicity if they lay a complaint.

Undressing in cars is asking for trouble

I appreciate that it has been some days since the last Dodgy update. I blame work. And I’m still fiddling with the Venn story to get it right. In the meantime, some sensible advice from the Mirror in 1938:

If some girls must undress in cars surely the more care less of them could make sure that they are not displaying themselves to the vulgar gaze. There is quite a lot of it going on—or coming off?—at ocean and river beaches. And even at places as crowded and as close handy as Como, girls may be seen undressing in the dubious shelter of a car with a towel or two up at the windows.

Possibly with some of them, it is a development from the days when their mothers delighted in completely undressing them on the beaches, to the embarrassment of sensitive young men occupying a nearby patch of sand. But even if the said young men might not be quite so sensitive in the more mature stage of the girls’ development, careless undressing in cars is not to be encouraged.

No one wants to be a spoil sport, or to restrict the personal liberty of the girls who want to use cars as a dressing—or UNDRESSING PAVILION—with or without reasonable privacy. Nor would the average man bother to interfere with those males who derive some form of spicy delight from wandering past such cars in the hope (quite often gratified) of catching a fleeting glimpse of a female in partial undress.

But what local girls want to remember is that there have been cases at some of the outer Sydney beaches where girls, undressing in cars have been attacked by prowlers and perverts.