The right sort of pervert

Bathing beach, 1920s

You know how it is. Down at Como Beach in South Perth and the only place to change into your swimming togs is in the back of the car.

Well, in 1938 young women were doing so with only the benefit of a towel or two covering the car window.

The Mirror was suitably shocked. Well, sort of shocked. But more a little bit creepy.

Noting that young girls were often undressed on the beach, our journalist made the astounding observation that perhaps young ladies had not grown out of this habit of appearing nude in front of young men.

But while young men would be embarrassed to stare at a naked child, they would not be so coy about a fully developed female body.

And this is where our journalist becomes a little odd. He declares that it is not his intention to be a spoilsport, or to restrict the liberty of girls to change where they like.

After all, those males who get a “spicy delight” from walking up and down past the cars hoping to catch the female form should not be denied their right to do so.

But unfortunately, every now and again someone ruins the party by committing sexual assault.

So, it is up to the girls to make sure that they are not seen by perverts. Only the decent sort of peeping tom is allowed that privilege.

This article is a rewrite of an earlier Dodgy Perth post. You could go and find the older piece, but you shouldn’t really be looking between the towels.

Perth’s perverted razor crank


In the winter of 1944, a ‘razor crank’ terrified the working women of Perth.

Over a period of weeks, a number of women fell victim to his extraordinary perversion. The attacks occurred around six o’clock in the evening when the streets were crowded with people hurrying from work.

As the chosen victim walked through the city, he would sneak up behind at slash the back of her coat with a razor.

In each case the targets had expensive clothing ruined. For two unfortunate victims, the pervert struck too hard and wounds required stitching.

In one case the slashing deviant asked the girl if he could accompany her home. When she refused, he put his arm possessively round her back. It was not until she had hurried away from him that she found to her horror that her coat had been slit at the back from top to bottom.